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Seems there is a need to ensure that the role of SAQA is correctly identified in the minds of all learners as there are some misconceptions being stated as fact in the marketplace ......

SAQA has recognised ICM as Professional Body for Credit..Recognition Number 826..
This means that ICM can give you a DESIGNATION.. but SAQA DOES NOT ACCREDIT ICM as an EXAMINING BODY....and. .SAQA does NOT accredit ICM Certificate as a QUALIFICATION
CSM recommends that learners write the CPI (Credit Professionals Institute) Levels 1 to 5 examinations in order to ensure that learners are assured of honest ... fair and transparent examinations that are of the high standard learners have come to expect from CSM!
We look forward to continuing on as the preferred study partner of our learners.... and of introducing the CPI DIPLOMA in CREDIT MANAGEMENT in the very near future..
Call us should you require any further clarification or information..ALL LEARNERS WELCOME...

CSM Learners..happy and successful and on an amazing career path!
DATE POSTED: 2017-09-22